Can I Get A BT Smart Hub Free?

How good is the BT Smart Hub?

BT Smart Hub review: Performance It’s unlikely that you will, though, as the Smart Hub has by far the best Wi-Fi performance of any Home Hub – and most likely any current ISP router.

Even without MU-MIMO enabled, we saw superb speeds in our tests, particularly using 802.11ac..

How do I set up BT Smart Hub 2?

Connecting your BT Smart Hub 2Recycle your existing kit. If you have it, unplug all your old broadband kit, including your old power plug. … Connect. … Plug in. … Position your Hub. … Turn Hub on. … Connect your devices. … Connection troubleshooting.Connecting your Wi-Fi disc.

Do I need a guest network at home?

Why it’s better to connect IoT devices to a guest network Incidentally, a guest Wi-Fi network is a good idea not only if you have lots of friends, but also if you have lots of home smart devices. Smart TVs, smart teapots, video game consoles, and the like also need an Internet connection.

How do I access BT Smart Hub?

Learn about the BT Hub ManagerOpen a new web browser.Type into the address bar.This will open the Hub Manager.If you want to make any changes to the hub settings, you’ll need the admin password. You’ll find it on the back of the Hub if you haven’t updated it.

Can a BT Hub be hacked?

BT’s home hub – well and truly hacked. There have been rumours swirling around t’Internet for several weeks now, but it seems that a group of hackers have developed a software applications that can decode a BT Home Hub’s admin password based on its SSID and other relevant information.

What’s the difference between BT Smart Hub and Smart Hub 2?

BT has a new Hub – the BT Smart Hub 2 – which it claims is the most powerful Wi-Fi hub of all the big broadband providers. While the size and premise remains much the same as the previous Smart Hub, the move to a rounded detail in the centre of this hub gives a strong hint as to what it wants to do.

Can I setup a guest WiFi network?

Turn on Guest Networking Many routers support a feature called guest networking, which creates a separate Wi-Fi network for friends and family to use when they visit. From the guest network, they can access the internet, but they can’t access network resources like shared folders, printers, or NAS devices.

How do I give free WiFi to customers?

Follow the steps below for how to set up free WiFi for customers.Choose a reliable ISP. … Choose a high-speed, high-bandwidth service plan. … Get and set up the appropriate equipment. … Set up a guest network. … Set up a captive portal. … Prevent bandwidth hogging. … Communicate the WiFi password to customers.

How much is BT Smart Hub?

Price from month 25 currently £29.99 a month. Includes a BT Home Hub (unless BT has already provided you with one). Compatible line required otherwise £49.99 connection charge may apply. Payment by Direct Debit.

Does BT Smart Hub have guest network?

With Guest Wi-Fi, you can offer your customers and clients free unlimited Wi-Fi. … It’s available to all BT Business broadband customers with a BT Business Smart Hub, or a BT Business Hub 5. It’s really easy to turn on Guest Wi-Fi. It can be done from the BT Business app, your My account, or from the Hub Manager.

How do I setup my BT Home Hub 4?

Switching Smart Setup on and off on the BT Smart HubOpen a new web browser on a device connected to your Hub and type in the address bar. … Click Smart Setup.Enter the admin password. … Click the “On/off” button to turn Smart Setup on or off.Remember once you make any changes you’ll need to save them.