Can You Take Your Own Food Into The O2 Arena?

How long does it take to walk the o2?

90 minuteUp at The O2 is an exhilarating 90 minute experience that takes you on a guided expedition over the roof of The O2 via a fabric walkway.

Suspended 2m above the surface of The O2 roof, the walkway is 52m above ground level and 380m long..

What should I wear to concert?

What to Wear to a ConcertPair your band tee with fun bottoms. … Make black, white, and denim your outfit formula. … Bring your leather into summer with a breezy top. … Wear a bright colored skirt with a minimal white top. … Feminine white dresses and leather. … Dress up your white tee with heels. … Don’t be afraid to dress up. … Go with a jumpsuit.

Where do you park at the o2 Arena?

We offer a range of car parking solutions nearby, including our North Greenwich Station and London Docklands Cross Harbour car parks. Of the two, our North Greenwich Station car park is nearer, at just five minutes’ walk from the Arena.

Can I park at North Greenwich tube station?

North Greenwich Station car park (5 Millennium Way, London, SE10 0PH), operated by NPC, is the official on-site car park for the station. … This car park is open 24 hours a day on Saturday and Sunday, but only from 11am-midnight from Monday to Friday.

Can I take water into the o2 Arena?

No, we don’t allow food and drink bought outside The O2 to be taken into The O2 arena. … The arena has a wide range of food and drink outlets. There’s no seating, but you can take your food and drink to your seats inside the auditorium.

Can you take portable chargers into the o2?

Whilst we would encourage you to bring as little as possible with you, if you’re worried about running out of phone battery you can bring a portable USB charger with you.

Are the o2 Arena strict on ID?

The O2 on Twitter: “We will be checking IDs and if you cannot present a valid form of identification, you will not be granted entry.… ”

Do they ask for ID at 16 concerts?

they don’t ID you at 16+ concerts.

Can you leave a concert and come back?

Concerts are normally ok. Indeed, if you don’t want to see the support act(s) and are only interested in the headliner then it’s quite usual to arrive late, sit in the bar for a while then only go in the auditorium when the main act is about to start. … It depends on what you mean by “leave the concert”.

Do you need ID for a BTS concert?

Bring of ID depends for each country and it’s individual concert site. But I will suggest you to bring some form of identification. Just in case something happens (touchwood) and you can be identified. And for a large scaled event they might be enhanced security checks or have more police patrols.

What can you bring into the o2 Arena?

Individuals will be permitted to take small bags, no larger than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm, or standard sized handbags in to the Arena, Building 6, Indigo and other event spaces. If you have to bring a large bag or large item with you to an Event, you will need to leave it at the bag storage facility in Car Park 1.

Can I take a bag into the o2?

Our bag policy It’s better for everyone if you do not bring a bag at all. … We class small bags as no larger than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm or standard handbags. If you have to bring a large bag with you, you can leave it at our bag storage facility just outside the main entrance to The O2 at a cost of £10 per bag.

Is there a dress code for the o2 arena?

Appropriate dress is required within all areas of The O2. Visitors to The O2 are not permitted to wear the following: motorcycle helmets, hoods, baseball caps, sunglasses (at night). Trainers are not permitted after 11pm, except for visitors to the cinema or The O2 arena (evidence of attendance may be required).

How fit do you need to be to climb the o2?

The whole experience – from the safety briefing, putting on safety gear, the climb up and down – takes 90 minutes. Anyone who is medically fit and has a spirit of adventure can do the climb, and while there’s no upper age limit, children must be over 10 years old and at least 1.2 meters tall.

Does the 02 have lockers?

Unfortunately, we do not provide a cloakroom service for those in seating areas. The cloakroom for those in the standing area can be found once you’ve entered the arena at entrance E. The cloakroom can only be used by fans with a general admission standing ticket. …

How much is parking at the 02?

Visitors are advised to pre-book spaces on event nights as there is limited parking. Parking for events in The O2 arena costs £17.50 plus £2.20 admin fee, all day, in car parks 1 and 2, which are approximately 350m and 300m from the entrance of The O2 and signposted from Millennium Way.

Is parking free at the o2?

Cineworld customers get four hours free parking in car parks 2 and 3. Your four hours start once you’re in the car park. When the film’s finished, take your unpaid ticket and cinema stub to the parking office (in Car Park 1).

How early should you get to a concert?

My best recommendation – if you can, and don’t want to be late, be there an hour or 45 minutes early. They’ll be letting people in by then and really, worse thing that’ll happen is you’ll have to wait some time until the actual concert starts.