How Can I Check Aadhar Linked With Mobile Number?

Login to the website by entering PAN (User ID), password and your date of birth.

Once you are logged in and your account opens, click on ‘Profile Settings’ tab and select the last option ‘Link Aadhaar’.

The screen will show the message, ‘Your PAN is already linked to Aadhaar number XXXX1234’..

How can I update my mobile number in Aadhar card?

To update mobile number, you can visit nearest Permanent Enrolment centre. No, your Aadhaar number will remain same throughout even after update. In case you are using online Self Service Update portal (SSUP) method of updation, you need to upload scan of original documents.

How can I update my mobile no in Aadhar card?

How to Update/Change Your Mobile Number in AadhaarStep 1: Visit the Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Centre.Step 2: Fill the Aadhaar Update Form.Step 3: Enter only your current mobile number in the form.Step 4: You need not mention your previous mobile number.More items…•

How can I check my Aadhar card details?

View the nationally valid list of supporting documents. Yes, In case your mobile number is registered in Aadhaar, you can find your Enrolment number (EID) or Aadhaar (UID) by clicking on “Retrieve Lost UID/EID” tab under Section Aadhaar enrolment on website or

How do you check where my Aadhar is linked?

Aadhaar holders can access the transaction history tool online via the UIDAI website. Once on the UIDAI homepage, click on the Aadhaar Authentication History link. The tool can also be accessed through a link.

Click on the first tab on top panel – ‘My Accounts & Profile’.Go to ‘Profile’ on the next page.Click on ‘Personal Details’ link.Enter profile password.Display Name, Email ID and mobile number registered in internet banking will be displayed.You will be given these options to change the number –More items…•

How can I register my mobile number in Aadhar card without OTP?

You can also visit the nearest AADHAAR Enrolment Centre and ask the officials for correction in the mobile number. The official will change the mobile number in the AADHAAR database. So, till now there is no option of updating the mobile number instantly in AADHAAR database without OTP.

How can I know my registered mobile number in Aadhar card?

Here’s how you can verify the mobile number registered with your Aadhaar card using the website:The user may go to the UIDAI website, find and click on the ‘Verify Email/Mobile Number’ link. … On the next page, fill in the Aadhaar number, mobile number and security code in the given fields as specified.More items…•

How can I check Aadhar linked with mobile banking?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to check whether your Aadhaar has been linked with your bank account.Visit the Aadhaar website – on ‘Check Aadhaar/Bank Account Linking Status’ in the ‘My Aadhaar’ tab under the Aadhaar services option.More items…•

Q. Can we link Aadhaar number with mobile number online? A. Currently, there is no provision for linking Aadhaar with sim cards online. However, you can do it offline, through IVR or through OTP.

Customers who wanted to link Aadhaar to Airtel mobile number through IVR should follow the steps given below,Firstly, call the toll-free number “14546” and follow the instructions.After that, enter your Aadhaar number (12-digit number) twice.Confirm your request.Then, your request will be accepted.More items…•