Question: How Do I Extend My Giga50 TNT?

What is the UNLI of TNT?

List Of Talk ‘N Text (TNT) Promos 2020 – Unli Call And Unli TextPromo NameService OfferedHow to register?Piso UnlitextUnlimited texts to Talk ‘N Text and Smart networksText PISO to 4545Unlitxt 2 ALL 20Unlimited texts to all networksText UA20 to 454514 more rows•Jan 1, 2020.

How do I extend my a20?

How To Extend Any TM Promo Up To 365x For Only 5 PesosJust text EXTEND to 8080.Dial *143# on your phone. Navigate > Call and Text Promos > Extend.To know the status of your TM Extend subscription, text the existing promo keywordBAL to 8080.For example:

Is smart and TNT the same?

TNT (formerly known as Piltel, Mobiline, Phone Pal, and still unofficially known as Talk ‘N Text) is a cellular service of Smart Communications in the Philippines. … Piltel also reported 16,590,737 subscribers to its GSM brand, Talk ‘N Text, before its transfer to Smart.

How do I load a TNT?

Purchase a call and text card (CTC) or TicketLoad at stores and retailers. Lightly scratch off the protective ink on the card to reveal the 14-digit PIN. To reload Smart Prepaid, dial 1510 and press send. To reload Talk ‘N Text, dial 1511 and press send.

How do you load TNT all day 20?

How to Register to TNT ALLDAY20? To subscribe to this promo, just text ALLDAY20 to 5555. You’ll receive a text message confirming that TNT All Day 20 has been loaded successfully.

How do I extend my TNT promo?

Talk n’ Text EXTRA: Extend Your Promo For a Day, Only 5 Pesos!EDAY to 4545 while still registered to TP10 or TP20.ETOK to 4545 for additional 10-minute call to TNT/SMART/SUN.ETXT1 to 4545 for 50 more texts to TNT and SMART.ETXT2 to 4545 for 25 more texts to all networks.

How do you UNLI Giga Surf 50 TNT?

To register, make sure you have at least ₱50 load balance and that’s the only requirement. Just text GIGA50 and send to 4545. You do not need a ₱1 maintaining balance to keep on using the promo until it expires or all data is used.

How do I extend my Surfsaya promo?

To Extend SURFSAYA:Dial *123# and then choose SURFSAYA EXTEND.Cost: 10 pesos.Validity: 1 day.(Subscribers can extend up to 3 times)

How do I add MB on SurfSaya?

Just dial *123#, choose SURFSAYA > FB > 1.5GB, 7 days, P99 > Subscribe.

How can I extend my GoSURF50 for free?

To Register to GO SURF50: Text the keyword GOSURF50 and send to 8080 (You can also register via *143# using your Globe smartphone or by availing it through your GCash app.) To claim the FREE 1GB daily: For GoWATCH and PLAY, text GS50 WNP and send to 8080. For GoSHARE and SHOP, text GS50 SNS and send to 8080.

How can I add MB in TNT?

2. Send data by texting PASADATA11 digit TNT numberamount in MB then send to 808. Example: PASADATA 09181234567 300MB to 808. 3.

How do you call SurfSaya?

To register for SurfSaya 30, dial *123# and select SurfSaya 30 + BONUS on the menus that will appear on your screen. Promo runs until September 30, 2019, so register now!

How do I extend my GoSURF50?

You can also extend your unused MBs by dialing *143# and selecting GoSURF50 > Get Add-ons > Add Validity/Extend > Subscribe to GS Extend. GoSURF50 is stackable so you can carry over your unused data to your new subscription. Just register for a new promo and your unused data will be added to the new promo’s inclusions.

Can I extend Gigasurf 50?

Follow the instructions below to do pasadata or share the open access data of your Giga Video 50 to other Smart Prepaid/TNT subscriber, so that you and your friend can extend surfing the internet. 1. Send data by texting PASADATA 11 digit number amount in MB then send to 808. EX.

How do I extend my gounli30 globe?

Simply dial *143# on your mobile phone and then create the promo via GoSAKTO. You can also register by texting GOUNLI30 to 8080. The promo is available via *143# under GoSAKTO as GoUnli30, too.

Is GoSakto90 can be extended?

Can I extend GoSakto90? The feeling that you want to enjoy surfing but your promo is nearly to expire is a disaster. The good thing is you can extend the validity of your promo and save the remaining data allocations. Just register again to GoSakto/GOTSCOMBODD.

What is a20 in TM?

TM A20 │Unlimited Call & Text to All Network Also, it includes 100mb of data for Facebook that gives you access to Facebook and keeps you updated on the latest post of your friends and family. … TM offers a budget promo for all the Filipinos who are looking for a cheap but good offer promo.

What is a20fb?

TM A20FB comes with Unlimited Calls To TM/Globe + Unlimited Texts To All Networks + 100MB for Facebook + 200MB for Mobile Internet valid 2 days for 20 pesos only.

How do you Giga surf 50?

To register for Giga Surf 50, send GIGA 50 to 9999. To share data, send PASADATARecepient’s numberAmount of MB to 888. Giga Surf 50 is open to Smart and SmartBro subscribers.

How do I stop Giga Video 99?

Just send all your registrations and status inquiries to 9999 for FREE. Once you register to our Postpaid add-ons, they will be automatically replenished on your next billing period. There is no need to opt in to auto-renew! If you do not wish to be enrolled, simply text STOP [KEYWORD] to 9999 for FREE.

What is gigasurf50?

GIGASURF50 is one of the GigaSurf Promos offered by Smart Prepaid. This GigaSurf 50 Promo by Smart offers on demand data package from surfing, and Free YouTube Everyday, which will surely meet the daily social and entertainment needs of its subscribers. And its the country’s first 1GB data offer at 50 Pesos.