Question: How Do You Respond When A Prospect Says No?

What to say when a prospect says no?

He said that whenever a prospect or customer said no to a good offer or didn’t seem to make sense in their objection, he said I should always just ask them why.

Specifically, he said to use this phrase: “You know (prospect’s name), I love to learn.

Do you mind if I ask why?” And then to hit my mute button and listen….

How do you respond to a no in sales?

Sales people know all about it: the word “no.”…Here are a few steps that can be helpful in the process:Acknowledge the Rejection. Good salespeople aren’t disrespectful. … Provide Additional Context. … Show Interest. … Ask for a Different Contact.

How do you respond to objections?

33 Responses to the Sales Objection, “Your Price Is Too High”Wait for the prospect to finish speaking.Pause for 3-5 seconds.Ask a question.Pose a follow-up question.Summarize their objection in 2-3 sentences.Clarify if you missed anything.Diffuse their concern.

What do you say when someone says no thanks?

3 Answers. “You are welcome” is used as a polite response to “thanks”, not to “no, thanks” (denying an offer). You are welcome: Used as a polite response to thanks.

What means no response?

No response is a response – explained. Getting no response from someone means that they would instead go to other people for what you want them to be going to you for. It means that they are getting other people to fill the void that you want to be filling yourself.

How many times should you contact a prospect?

“I’d say about three times over a period of two and half weeks. But don’t give up, stay in touch with your contacts, even if it’s only once a year, to keep the door open, reach out, let them know that you are available.

How do you handle unresponsive clients?

4 Ways to Handle (and Avoid) Unresponsive ClientsEstablish a clear communication plan from the start. Avoid unresponsive clients by agreeing on how you will communicate with each other from the start. … Understand your clients’ schedules. … Change how you present deadlines. … Follow up.

What do you do when a prospect won’t respond?

5 Ways to Handle the Prospect Who Won’t RespondStop Trying to Sell and Start Trying to Help. Look at how you’re communicating. … Use Multiple Methods to Reach Them. Not everyone uses the same communication techniques you use. … Connect with Others who the Prospect Would Respond To. … Use the Hot/Cold Approach. … Walk Away.

How do you get a prospect to respond?

7 Tips to Get a Prospect to Respond to YouUse their preferred method of communication. … Switch up your contact attempts. … Offer them something of value. … Let them know when you’ll be following up again. … Make a personal connection. … Use humor. … Take risks.

How do I turn no into a yes?

Use the Word “And”, Not “But”. The key to turning a no into a yes is to avoid a confrontation or argument. Instead, you want to present yourself as being on the same side as the person you are looking to convince – and your word choice can influence that. This is a perfect example of that.

How many no’s before a yes?

fiveA no means that a yes is possible. Most people won’t say yes to an idea without saying no first. In fact, studies show that the average customer says no an average of five times before saying yes. This is because decision-making is an emotional process, not an intellectual one.

What are the four P’s of handling objections?

This is sometimes referred to as the 4-P’s: price, product, place, and promotion.