Question: Is EBay Good In India?

What if I buy a fake item on eBay?

Tell ebay the shoes are not as described in the listing.

You should win the dispute.

You will be told to return the shoes with online proof of delivery.

When the package is shown as delivered, eBay will force the seller to refund your money..

Are designer clothes on eBay fake?

Yes, they are fake. Same goes for Amazon marketplace. It’s even worse for electronics, headphones and computer parts, ebay and Amazon marketplace are flooded with fakes.

Did Amazon kill eBay?

Amazon has not killed any website. People buy where they want to buy for the prices they want to pay, and for the types of items they want to buy. Ebay is still alive and well and has no intentions to be Amazon or to offer the same old products there.

Is eBay safer than Amazon?

Ebay is what Ebay is, just not what it used to be. You get overpriced stuff on Amazon, but you get it in 2 days with superior buyer protection. You most often get the exact same items cheaper on Ebay, with a little more of a risk. Each platform has its pro and cons.

Why did eBay stop in India?

Early-Mover Disadvantage The marketplace model didn’t suit the choice of Indian sellers and buyers back then, especially not on the internet. Ebay’s decision to buy Baazee was a good business move for the long-term, but the model, especially the business of online buying was rather alien to people in India back then.

What is a Netbook Laptop?

A netbook is a type of laptop that is slimmer, lighter, and offers a more simplified set of tools. … This allows the netbook to have a more modest processor and less memory, too. With a slimmed-down set of features, it usually costs much less than its full-sized laptop counterparts.

Is eBay available in India?

eBay India (, India’s leading online marketplace, is India’s biggest online trading community where anyone can sell or buy almost anything. eBay India is a trading platform offering auctions, quick buy and classifieds modes of person-to-person trading.

Do eBay sell fake products?

Counterfeit products are illegal and not allowed on eBay. Examples include: Fakes, copies, or replicas of brand name items (for example, a shoe with the Nike name or logo that wasn’t made by Nike)

Is Amazon better than eBay?

The bottom line is that Amazon is a far more competitive market for individual sellers and leans towards newer items whereas eBay provides sellers with the ability to build brand identity and while a majority of its items are new, it provides a niche for used items and collectibles.

Is buying laptops from eBay safe?

Ebay is a risky place to buy high-value goods – some would say that it’s impossible to buy a used computer safely on Ebay. I agree – you can never be completely safe when buying used goods from a stranger, which is basically what Ebay is about. … My wife’s laptop was bought a few months later on Ebay, and works fine.

Are Jordans on eBay real?

eBay is known for finding some great deals on authentic sneakers, but they are also known for fakes. Their are some eBay sellers that are trusted and only list legit Air Jordan’s, Nike’s, Puma’s, Reebok’s and more, but it’s not always easy finding them.

Why did eBay fail in India?

Failed auctions “Indian consumers care for upfront prices and discounts and the auction mechanism online was cumbersome and took days to materialise. You can’t build volumes in such cases when the payment mechanism online was also not evolved.” He said eBay lacked aggression and innovation for the Indian market.

Can I get scammed on eBay?

Getting scammed as an eBay buyer. Buying products through eBay is usually straightforward, but some scammers work to defraud innocent people who are just trying to get a good deal. Remember that if an offer looks too good to be true, it probably is. Here are three of the most common eBay scams for eBay buyers.

How do I sell my laptop on eBay?

Laptop Selling Tips for eBayBe Wary of Inconsistent Addresses. … Monitor the Auction’s Close. … Don’t Assume PayPal Will Cover You. … Consider Selling Through … Wait Before Shipping. … Communicate via eBay. … Clean the Hard Drive. … One Last Thing.More items…•

Is eBay com safe in India?

Yes !! It is safe to buy from eBay India. Do check the reviews, customer feedback, EBay Guarantee seal, and return and refund policy. … When we make a online payment the money does not go directly to the seller, it reaches Ebay first and then after 30 days it goes to the seller.

Is it good to buy from eBay?

For Buyers – eBay is very safe. Their platform combined with PayPal’s protection is one of the safest places for buyers to purchase anything. However, there are still precautions a buyer must take to ensure safe buying on eBay. For Sellers – Not as safe as it is for buyers.

Does anyone still use eBay?

Yes, eBay is still around. No it is not to shut down in the next few years! The problem is and I’ll keep it short, it allowed Amazon to steal the cache they once enjoyed! People shop on Amazon for the experience but they are not spending thousands and thousands on items.