Question: What Is Another Name For A Hero?

What is not a hero?

A hero is defined by his or her choices and actions, not by chance or circumstances that arise.

A hero can be brave and willing to sacrifice his or her life, but I think we all have a hero in us — someone who is unselfish and without want of reward, who is determined to help others..

What does a villain mean?

noun. a cruelly malicious person who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime; scoundrel. a character in a play, novel, or the like, who constitutes an important evil agency in the plot.

What is another word for antagonist?

What is another word for antagonist?opponentadversaryenemyfoerivalcompetitorcontendercompetitionhostilenemesis52 more rows

What is the opposite of a savior?

Opposite of a person who saves someone, rescues another from harm. enemy. foe. Satan.

What is another name for protagonist?

What is another word for protagonist?heroleadmain charactermain participantprincipal characterprincipal participantcentral characterkey playerleading ladyleading man37 more rows

What’s the opposite of hero?

What is the opposite of hero?cowardchickenrecreantcaitiffgutlesswimpdastardfaintheartmilksopsissy6 more rows

What is a female protagonist called?

HeroineHeroine refers to a female protagonist.

What is a savior?

Savior or Saviour may refer to: A person who helps people achieve salvation, or saves them from something.

What makes a modern day hero?

A modern day hero is someone who fights for a good cause and positive makes a difference in the world. There are so many things that can be improved about our great world and if you stand up to be the man who can lead the way or at least help lead the way, you will be seen as a modern day hero.

What is opposite of Lion?

zero, subordinate, nobody, inferior, underling, nothing, lightweight, half-pint.

What is another word for a hero?

What is another word for hero?leadprotagonistleading actorleading charactermain characterchampionleading roleprincipal characterprincipal rolestar part37 more rows

What is another word for savior?

What is another word for savior?rescuerdelivererliberatorpreserverdefenderguardianherosalvationconservatorprotector12 more rows

What are examples of heros?

Examples of heroes range from mythological figures, such as Gilgamesh, Achilles and Iphigenia, to historical and modern figures, such as Joan of Arc, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Sophie Scholl, Alvin York, Audie Murphy, and Chuck Yeager, and fictional superheroes, including Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, and Captain America.

What is savior syndrome?

A savior complex, or white knight syndrome, describes this need to “save” people by fixing their problems. If you have a savior complex, you might: only feel good about yourself when helping someone. believe helping others is your purpose. expend so much energy trying to fix others that you end up burning out.

How do we define a hero?

a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character: He became a local hero when he saved the drowning child. a person who, in the opinion of others, has special achievements, abilities, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model or ideal: My older sister is my hero.

What is a superstar?

A superstar is someone who has great popular appeal and is widely known, prominent, or successful in their field. Celebrities referred to as “superstars” may include individuals who work as actors, musicians, athletes, and other media-based professions.

What is the meaning of champion?

noun. a person who has defeated all opponents in a competition or series of competitions, so as to hold first place: the heavyweight boxing champion. … a person who fights for or defends any person or cause: a champion of the oppressed. a fighter or warrior.

What qualities make a hero?

Here are some common qualities of heroic leaders.Courage. Heroic leaders have the determination to achieve the goal, regardless of the challenging obstacles. … Passion. … Integrity. … Honesty. … Confidence. … Patience. … Selflessness. … Caring.More items…•