Question: Who Are Nurses Most Likely To Marry?

What its like to be married to a nurse?

Being married to a nurse is sure to make you feel proud.

Another thing you’ll likely experience while being married to a nurse is that you might wake up or go to sleep alone.

Nurses are either gone or going out the door when you wake up, or they work during the night shift and you’re left going to bed all by yourself..

Do nurses have a high divorce rate?

The nursing profession is among the occupations with the highest divorce rates in the United States. In fact, Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses experience a divorce rate of about 47%. Divorce is a stressful process, but a Tacoma Divorce Attorney can help make the process easier.

What professions have the highest divorce rate?

The 10 occupations with the highest divorce rates:Gaming managers: 52.9% … Bartenders: 52.7% … Flight attendants: 50.5% … Gaming services workers: 50.3% … Rolling machine setters, operators and tenders, metal and plastic: 50.1% … Switchboard operators: 49.7%More items…•

Who lives longer married or single?

Married men and mortality Men who have marital partners also live longer than men without spouses; men who marry after age 25 get more protection than those who tie the knot at a younger age, and the longer a man stays married, the greater his survival advantage over his unmarried peers.

What professions are most likely to marry each other?

Here are 20 common professions and the occupations their spouses are most likely to come from:Retail salespeople. … Secretaries and administrative assistants. … Psychologists. … Software developers. … Janitors. … Audiologists. … Waiters and waitresses. … Artists. Female artists are most likely to marry male artists.More items…•

Do nurses usually marry doctors?

Male Nurses and Doctors7 were also very likely to be married to female Nurses and Doctors. … Overall, the number of males marrying Nurses was very common.