Quick Answer: What Does The Name Alex Stand For?

Is Alex a unisex name?

A true unisex name, Alex is a popular pick for both sexes.

As a short form of Alexander or Alexandra, meaning “defender of mankind,” Alex retains its classic roots while still being modern and independent..

What nationality is the name Alex?

AlexanderGenderMasculine, the feminine form being Alexandra.Name dayAugust 30OriginWord/nameVia Latin Alexander, originally from the Greek Ἀλέξανδρος (Aléxandros), from αλέξειν aléxein meaning “to ward off, keep off, turn away, defend, protect” and ἀνδρός andrós, genitive of ἀνήρ anḗr meaning “man”.5 more rows

Alex gained the most popularity as a baby name in 1986, when it’s usage went up by 131.48%. During this year, 5106 babies were named Alex, which was 0.1458% of the baby boys born in the USA that year. The most the names popularity ever grew to was 0.205%, in this year alone more than 8000 boys were named Alex.

Is Darlene a female name?

Darlene as a girl’s name is of English origin meaning “dearling or darling”.

Is Minecraft Alex a girl?

The character – ‘Alex’ – will be a complimentary update, featuring “thinner arms, redder hair, and a ponytail”, according to Mojang. (And yes, it does look a bit like lead Minecraft developer Jens.) … Not a male Human Being or a female Human Being, but simply a Human Being,” wrote Minecraft creator Notch, in 2012.

What is Alex’s real name?

Day’s unconventional style of releasing and distributing music helped him reach more than 1,000,000 subscribers and over 130 million views on his YouTube channel….Alex DayBirth nameAlex Richard George DayAlso known asNerimonBorn8 April 1989OriginHornchurch, London Borough of Havering8 more rows

Is Alex a good name?

Alex is a cute name for a girl if you don’t want to saddle her with the full-on Alexandra, of which it’s a nickname. It has a tomboy-ish appeal that a lot of parents liked in the 90s. The name isn’t very common for girls today, but be forewarned that it’s a very popular name for boys.

What does the name Darlene stand for?

The first name Darlene is derived from the Old English darel-ene, meaning “little dear one”.

Who is the most famous Alex?

Next most famous people named Alexander#2 Alexander Hamilton. Surname: Hamilton. … #3 Alexander I of Russia. Surname: Romanow. … #4 Alexander von Humboldt. Thursday, September 14, 1769. … #5 Alexander II of Russia. Surname: Romanow. … #6 Alexander Graham Bell. Surname: Bell. … #7 Alexander Pushkin. … #8 Alexander Pope. … #9 Pope Alexander VI.More items…

How popular is Darlene? In 2018 the uncommon name Darlene, ranked the 1,602nd Most Popular Girls Name in the United States. This once, top 1000 name, Darlene is currently less popular. It reached its highest popularity ranking of #49 in 1958 with 8,275 occurrences.

Is Alex a German name?

The boy’s and girl’s name Alex is of Old German origin, and its meaning is ” noble “.

What does Alex mean girl?

The name Alex is a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning “defending men”. One of the most evenly divided unisex names these days; strong and energetic, if overused, for both genders.

How do you spell the name Darlene?

Correct spelling for the English word “Darlene” is [dˈɑːliːn], [dˈɑːliːn], [d_ˈɑː_l_iː_n] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What does the name Alex mean in the Bible?

Hebrew name Alexander. in the city of Pella—the ancient capital of Macedonia. It is of Greek origin and means “defender of men”. … Hebrew name Alexander.

Is Alex a Bible name?

Biblical Names Meaning: In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Alexander is: One who assists men.

Is Alex a boy or a girl?

Gender Popularity of the Name “Alex” Boy or Girl? Alex: It’s a boy! Since 1880, a total of 253,948 boys have been given the name Alex while 5,110 girls were named Alex.

What is a nickname for Alex?

Alexander is derived from the Greek “Ἀλέξανδρος” (Aléxandros). The East European male name Alexey (Aleksei, Alexis, Aleksa) is also sometimes shortened to Alex. It is a commonly used nickname in Spanish for Alejandro, Alexandro, Alejandrino and Alexandrino, and related names like Alexa and Alexis.