Quick Answer: What Is Against The Law?

What things are against the law?

Acts that go against the law, such as robbing a bank, are also illegal.

There is a wide range of things called illegal, from small acts to big ones, but no matter the seriousness, if it is against the law, it is illegal..

Illegal is a description for something that is in violation of statute, regulation or ordinance. Illegal does not necessarily mean criminal. Something may be illegal under a statute that doesn’t require criminal intent, and is therefore a civil vilation subject to civil penalites such as a fine.

What is another word for illegal?

What is another word for illegal?criminalunlawfulillegitimateillicitbannedfeloniousforbiddenoutlawedprohibitedunauthorisedUK230 more rows

What does work against mean?

work against (someone or something) To act, function, or perform in a contrary or adverse manner to someone or something. Your perfectionism works against you sometimes—you need to learn to move on from a project, even if you think it could forever be improved.

How do u spell again?

How Do You Spell AGAIN? Correct spelling for the English word “again” is [ɐɡˈɛn], [ɐɡˈɛn], [ɐ_ɡ_ˈɛ_n] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is it called when you break a rule?

Breach, infraction, violation, transgression all denote in some way the breaking of a rule or law or the upsetting of a normal and desired state.

What is the name of a person who commits a crime?

perpetratorPolice and reporters in the United States often use the word suspect as a jargon when referring to the perpetrator of the offense (perp in dated US slang). However, in official definition, the perpetrator is the robber, assailant, counterfeiter, etc. —the person who committed the crime.

What is the meaning of against the law?

(law) Illegal, forbidden by law. …

Does illegal mean allowed?

Illicit, which originally meant simply “not permitted,” now most often applies to matters regulated by law with specific emphasis on the way things are carried out: illicit conversion of property; an illicit attempt to control the market.

What is another word for against the law?

What is another word for against the law?dishonestforbiddenbannedcriminalillicitunconstitutionalunlawfuloutlawedwrongfulfelonious234 more rows

What does against mean?

Against means something that is going the other way. Walking north into the wind that is blowing south is an example of walking against the wind. The definition of against is someone or something with which you disagree. To vote “No” on a proposal is an example of voting against the proposal.

Where can you use against?

We use against to refer to negative, hostile or opposing reactions to situations, beliefs, people, events, etc.

When you take something that doesn’t belong to you?

Stealing is the act of taking something that doesn’t belong to you without permission.