Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Curfew?

What is another word for shut in?

What is another word for shut in?homeboundhouseboundconfined to the homeshut-in.

What is the opposite word for lockdown?

open upThe opposite of lockdown is open up.

How do you use the word lockdown?

Lockdown sentence examplesI need to know if the infected town is still under lockdown. … lockdown facility as standard. … She was tense and still, her mind on lockdown. … Reed and Alex are also shot. … The communities in the locality were in lockdown after Straffen’s almost nonchalant escape and his presumed murder of Linda Bowyer.More items…

What’s the word quarantine mean?

noun. a strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease. a period, originally 40 days, of detention or isolation imposed upon ships, persons, animals, or plants on arrival at a port or place, when suspected of carrying some infectious or contagious disease.

What’s the purpose of curfew?

These curfews stop people of a certain age (usually under 18) from being in public or at a business during certain hours. Typically the curfew hours are 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. The goals behind these laws usually claim to be maintaining social order and preventing juvenile crime.

What does it mean city curfew?

2a : a regulation enjoining the withdrawal of usually specified persons (such as juveniles or military personnel) from the streets or the closing of business establishments or places of assembly at a stated hour The city ordered a curfew to prevent further rioting.

What’s another word for lockdown?

What is another word for lockdown?solitary confinementconfinementcustodydetentionimprisonmentincarcerationholding cellisolationsolitarythe hole13 more rows

What is curfew called in English?

Word forms: plural curfews. variable noun. A curfew is a law stating that people must stay inside their houses after a particular time at night, for example during a war. The village was placed under curfew. Crowds of people defied the curfew to celebrate on the streets.

How do you use the word curfew?

Curfew sentence examplesThe custom of tolling the curfew still prevails in Okehampton. … His parents are really strict about his curfew. … The government has imposed a week long curfew during this time of unrest in the country. … Sally’s parents are so laid back, they haven’t even given her a curfew on school nights.More items…

What is the concept of lockdown?

A lockdown can be defined as an emergency protocol implemented by the authorities that prevents people from leaving a given area. A full lockdown will mean that the people in the given area must stay where they are and must not exit or enter a building or given area.

What is the actual meaning of lockdown?

The term is used for a prison protocol that usually prevents people, information or objects from leaving an area. … A full lockdown usually means that people must stay where they are and may not enter or exit a building or rooms within it, needing to go to the nearest place designated safe if not already in such a place.

What’s the definition of curfew?

a regulation requiring a person to be home at a certain prescribed time, as imposed by a parent on a child. the time at which a daily curfew starts. the period during which a curfew is in effect. a signal, usually made with a bell, announcing the start of the time of restrictions under a curfew.