Quick Answer: What Is Format Example?

What does mean format?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : the shape, size, and general makeup (as of something printed) 2 : general plan of organization, arrangement, or choice of material (as for a television show) 3 : a method of organizing data (as for storage) various file formats..

What do you mean by page formatting?

A page format contains formatting controls for your data set that indicate where and how text, and optionally, page overlays and page segments are to be placed on the page. The page format is defined relative to the origin of the sheet specified in the form definition.

What is the use of format?

Format is the overall layout of a document or spreadsheet. For example, the formatting of text on many English documents is aligned to the left of a page. With text, a user could change its format to bold to help emphasize text.

What does format mean in writing?

Formatting refers to the appearance or presentation of your essay. Another word for formatting is layout. Most essays contain at least four different kinds of text: headings, ordinary paragraphs, quotations and bibliographic references.

What is the format explain the two types of the format?

Word has two basic types of Word document formatting styles: Paragraph Styles – They apply to a minimum of an entire paragraph, and contain paragraph formatting (alignment, indents, etc.) and character formatting (font, color, etc.) Explanation: A format is also considered as a layout of data.

What are the different types of format?

A few of the more common file formats are:Word documents (. doc)Web text pages (. htm or . html)Web page images (. gif and . jpg)Adobe Postcript files (. ps)Adobe Acrobat files (. pdf)Executable programs (.exe)Multimedia files (. mp3 and others)

Does format mean delete?

Formatting a disk does not erase the data on the disk, only the address tables. … As long as people understand that formatting is not a 100 percent secure way to completely remove all data from your computer, then they are able to make the choice between formatting and even more secure methods.

Why is it important to format a document?

A well formatting document is consistent, correct (in terms of meeting any stated requirements), and easy to read. The visual appeal of a document has an effect on the reader and how they perceive the information, so it’s important in any piece of writing or documentation to be concerned with its formatting.