What Happened To My Old WOW Characters?

What happened to the WoW armory?

As of July 11, 2018, we will no longer be supporting the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory app.

As part of that, we’ll be incorporating many of your favorite World of Warcraft Armory app features along with features for Battle for Azeroth into a new shared app for a more streamlined experience..

How much is World of Warcraft per month?

All of World of Warcraft’s available content — aside from the soon to be released Battle for Azeroth expansion — is now included in the game’s $14.99 monthly subscription fee.

What classes are in WoW Classic?

There are nine classes in Classic WoW:Druid: Tank, Healer*, Melee DPS, Ranged Caster DPS.Hunter: Ranged Physical DPS.Mage: Ranged Caster DPS.Paladin: Healer*, Melee DPS, Tank.Priest: Healer*, Ranged Caster DPS.Rogue: Melee DPS.Shaman: Healer*, Melee DPS, Ranged Caster DPS.Warlock: Ranged Caster DPS.More items…•

Are old WOW characters deleted?

No, they don’t delete inactive characters. The character you’re posting from is on Ravencrest. Have you logged completely into the character selection for that realm? They won’t show on the realm selection screen after being gone for so long.

Can I get my old World of Warcraft account back?

If you do not recall your account information, contact us for assistance. The following information can be used to help locate an account: The CD key from a physical copy of World of Warcraft or any expansion. … Login username for pre-Battle.net World of Warcraft accounts.

Can I merge an old WoW license to my Blizzard account?

Each Blizzard account supports up to eight World of Warcraft accounts. … Each World of Warcraft account contains its own characters and requires a separate paid subscription. Aside from the character transfer service, which can move characters between accounts, there is no way to merge progress from multiple accounts.

How do you access the WoW armory?

To log in, go to http://us.battle.net/wow/en/. Look for your character’s name and picture. Once you are logged in, you should see your character’s name and picture near the top right. You can click on your character’s name and then on “Profile,” and it will take you to your armory.

Can you recover deleted WoW characters?

You can use the undelete feature to restore a deleted World of Warcraft character and one World of Warcraft Classic character once every 7 days, as long as that character falls within a grace period determined by their level.

Do battle net accounts expire?

Accounts expire after 90 days of inactivity, and after that point someone else can claim the same account name.

Does the WoW armory still exist?

While Blizzard is transitioning away from the classic Armory, most of the functionality still exists just fine on the Battle.net WoW site. Here’s a walk-through of some basic things you can use the Battle.net Armory to do.

Does Blizzard delete old accounts?

We don’t delete Blizzard accounts for inactivity unless they are completely empty, and it’s been years since it was last used. It may be the case that you are using the wrong email, or worse yet, that someone gained access to the account and changed the email.

How many WoW players are there?

12 millionAt its peak, World of Warcraft had about 12 million active players, though numbers have since declined. However, Blizzard expects so much interest in WoW Classic that players will have to queue to enter certain realms.

Can you name change in WoW Classic?

You can change the name of your character by purchasing the Name Change service. To buy a Name Change open the World of Warcraft in-game shop and go to the Services section. Note: This service is not available in World of Warcraft Classic. Blizzard Customer Support cannot provide free name changes.

How do I see my wow characters?

At the battle.net client game tab, Account dropdown you can select which one to login to and then select your realm and see your characters.

Can you look up WoW classic characters?

You can look up any character in World of Warcraft that is level 10 or higher and view their achievements, equipped gear, item level, talents, and raid progression. You can even check out which mounts or pets they’ve collected.

Why are people deleting Blizzard account?

Blocking Users From Deleting Their Blizzard Accounts Some Blizzard users reportedly started to delete their accounts in protest of the Blitzchung controversy. However, a rumor began circulating on social media that the game developer is blocking people from doing so.