What Is The Custom Duty On Mobile Phones In Pakistan 2019?

How much is duty on mobile phones in Pakistan?

If import value of a mobile phone ranges between $350 and $500, the duty will be charged at a flat rate of Rs10,500, while the regulatory duty will be Rs18,500 per set if a mobile phone has import value of more than $500..

How can I activate my mobile in Pakistan?

There are three ways a user can register the device.Via SMS by sending the IMEI number to 8484.Through PTA website.or via mobile app specially developed by PTA for DIRBS system.

How can I check my custom duty in Pakistan Mobile?

By dialing USSD code *8484# from mobile. b. By visiting https://dirbs.pta.gov.pk/drs.

What is FBR duty tax on mobile?

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is planning to reduce regulatory duty (RD) on imported phones by up to 50 percent….FBR All Set to Reduce Duties on Imported Phones by Up to 50%Mobile Phones (C&F Value in USD)Existing RD (Rs)Proposed RD (Rs)Upto 30165165Above 30 and upto 10016201000Above 100 and upto 20024301200Above 200 and upto 350324025002 more rows•Sep 16, 2019

How much is FBR duty tax on mobile?

fbr mobile tax list 2019Serial NoMobile actual priceApplicable tax1$30-100Rs3,6002$100-200Rs5,4003$200- $350Rs7,2004$350-500Rs20,7001 more row•Jan 23, 2020

How can I check custom duty paid Challan?

Else the customer may directly go to ICEGATE website by accessing the url http://epay.icegate.gov.in/epayment/locationAction. The customer would enter the “IEC Code” and select the location for which he/she intends to pay the duty using the drop down button. A list of all the unpaid challans will be displayed.

How much tax do I pay on mobile in Pakistan airport?

The amount for customs duty is fixed at Rs. 250. The additional sales tax is fixed at 3% of the phone’s value. The IT tax is fixed at 9% of the phone’s value.

How many mobile phones can I take to Pakistan 2020?

In a major policy shift, Minister of State for Revenue Hammad Azhar has announced that those travelling to Pakistan will be allowed to bring in only one cellphone per year free of customs duty as per the personal baggage rules. While a maximum of five smart phones can be brought under the new regulations in a year.

How can I pay custom duty in Pakistan on mobile?

The payment can be made via online banking, ATMs, mobile banking and bank branches of all leading banks. Once the system confirms the payment of duty/taxes, the mobile device will be white-listed on DIRBS. International travellers can register their mobile device within 60 days of their arrival in Pakistan.

How can I pay tax on my mobile in Pakistan?

To pay a mobile registration tax, you have to access this link (https://dirbs.pta.gov.pk/drs/auth/login). After opening the link, click on Sign up.

Can I take 2 phones to Pakistan?

Pakistani expats will pay customs duty for taking home more than 1 phone. Dubai: Pakistani expatriates will be allowed to bring in only one mobile phone to the country, per year, free of customs duty as per the new personal baggage rules.

Can you bring two phones on a plane?

Yes, you may certainly carry two mobile phones in your carry-on luggage. … A flight cannot leave with an unaccompanied bag (except if it’s pre-arranged) therefore, they know what luggage is on the flight.

How do I check my customs duty?

Access the e-payment portal of ICEGATE. Enter the import/export code or simply key the login credentials given by ICEGATE. Click on e-payment. Check all the e-challans that are in your name.

How can I check my customs duty?

Custom Duty Payment Online Access the ICEGATE e-payment portal. Enter Import/Export code or login credential supplied by ICEGATE. Click on e-payment. You can now see all the unpaid challans in your name.

Can you take mobile phones to Pakistan?

As per Government of Pakistan’s Law, an international passenger can bring in 5 (five) mobile phones per year to Pakistan for personal use.